Digital Publication

E-Publishing involves storage of information in electronic or digital form, instead of paper. Future is digital, e-Publishing gives authors/publishing house the opportunity to reach a global audience in a cost effective manner and also, e-Publishing is the happening phenomenon in the present day knowledge economy.

shiksha managment software solutions offers a range of e-Publishing services that encompasses migration of content from almost any format to digital format. Shiksha Managment Software Solutions has best work flow system to keep abreast with the rising expectations of its discerning clients. Through a perfect blend of expert intervention and automation.

We provide end-to-end services include scanning, OCR/manual keying, proofing, coding using client/industry specific DTD. Every process at our company is followed by quality check to ensure the deliverable meet your expectations.

shiksha managment software solutions have the full suite of pre-press services that enable you to go from ideas to print in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Our systems, processes and project management skills have been proven to be forceful as well as flexible. They have enabled us to deliver on our commitments to quality and schedules consistently.

Ours range of Pre-Press services includes Book Block Designing, e-Book Conversion, TeX/LaTeX Typesetting, XML / SGML / HTML mark-ups Radical it solutions have immense experience in Publishing Services and specialize in the project management and composition of books and journals. We can typeset any complexity of math or chemistry, or any page design.